Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Four Tips for Fall Home Maintenance

Four Tips for Fall Home Maintenance

Ahhh…the crisp autumn air has finally arrived in Nova Scotia. What a great time to pick apples in the valley or go for a hike along the Bluff Trails. It’s also the perfect time to get your house ready for the cold months ahead.  Here are a few home maintenance tips you should consider this time of year:

1.    Furnace Love: Has your furnace already kicked-in for the season? I always use that as a great reminder to get a furnace tune-up. Having your furnace checked now will help ensure it runs efficiently all winter long.  Some companies offer free furnace tune-ups for their customers so it’s worth looking into.

2.    Battery Change: October is Fire Prevention Month so it’s a great time to change the batteries in your smoke detectors and check the expiry date on your fire extinguishers. Smoke detectors should also be replaced every 10 years or when you move into a new home.

3.    Hose Away: Outdoor pipes and faucets are not protected the same way as those inside your home. Now is a good time to disconnect and store your garden hose, drain the tap and shut off the water supply so there’s no worry of frozen outdoor pipes come winter time.

4.    Gut the Gutters:  Cleaning out your gutters and downspouts is never fun but it’s so important for the exterior of your home. Clogged gutters can cause rain water to back-up which can damage your roof and siding. This is better done towards the end of the season when most of the leaves have fallen.

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